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The Medical Device Companies That Make IVC Filters May Have Known About These Serious Risks... Yet Failed To Warn Doctors and Patients Lawsuits against IVC filter manufacturers (including C.R. Bard® Medical, Cook® and Greenfield®) allege that the IVC filters were defectively designed. New studies have shown that these filters are prone to fracturing and migrating within the body, causing the potential for serious harm. Further, the current IVC filter lawsuits allege that the manufacturers knew of these risks with their devices, yet failed to properly warn doctors and patients of the risks and adverse consequences of long-term use.

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New Research Shows Frighteningly High Failure Rates Putting IVC Filter Patients At Risk of:

  • IVC filter fractures (broken pieces)
  • Filter migration (moving around body)
  • Perforated vessels & punctured organs
  • Embolism (ie. pulmonary embolism)
  • Pain or bleeding

...and other serious complications

Patients may be eligible for compensation. Because of recent research and FDA safety alerts, patients are now filing lawsuits claiming IVC filter manufacturers designed a defective device and failed to properly warn patients and doctors of known risks.

Seek financial compensation soon. You have a limited window of time to file a lawsuit. Cases are being investigated for patients who had the device removed due to complications or patients who currently have an IVC filter implanted (with or without complications).

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